Tips to Protect Your Home While on Vacation

Apr 26, 2024

Tips to Protect Your Home While on Vacation

Vacation mode is a wonderful feeling. However, while you are on a trip, thoughts and concerns about your home’s security will definitely make their way. Is your house completely safe? Did you lock every window and door? Did you leave any light or drapes open unintentionally? Such stressful questions will likely bother you when you are just trying to enjoy the vacation.

This is where some common solutions will help prevent the break-ins. You would not want to return from a trip just to find some or most of your valuables stolen. By taking some time out before the vacation to secure your home, you can reduce the risk of losing your valuables. Here are the best tips to protect your home while on vacation.

1.   Put Your Precious Stuff Away

No matter how many security measures you take, you can never fully guarantee that your home won’t be broken into. Refrain from leaving anything valuable out in the open so that your home is safeguarded. For instance, keep your blinds closed before leaving the house to minimise the chances of passersby peeking in. The best solution is to simply cover up the valuables in a safe and secure space.

2.   Let a Trusted Friend Check in Your Home

If you are going on a long vacation, it would be best to allow a friend or neighbour to come by to check up on your residence a couple of times. This will ensure that everything is great in your house. You can meet them before the trip and hand over the key. Moreover, because they are already there keeping a check on things, allow them to pick up your mail. A full mailbox or unintended packages gives a clear indication to the burglars that no one is home. It is highly recommended to avoid letting a lot of people know that you are away. At least keep it to a minimum. Ensure your departure is not widely known.

3.   Leave your Car Parked in the Driveway

In case you are not using your car for the trip, keeping it in the driveway can prove to be the ideal option for improving your home’s security when you are not there. It is just about creating an illusion that homeowners are inside the home. The most obvious problem you are likely to face is that you might want to take the car with you on the trip. In this case, a great alternative is to ask a friend or neighbour if they can park their car in your driveway while you are away. Of course, do not forget to follow the road rules when driving to your vacation destination.

4.   Suspend the Daily Subscriptions

Besides investing in home security systems, putting a hold on everyday deliveries of daily supplies is ideal. This includes newspapers, mail, and other similar stuff. Things like a pile of newspapers or a full mailbox on your home’s front give a clear indication of your absence. A situation like this can be avoided if you just make informed and mindful decisions and prepare a plan adequately.

Wrapping Up

Ensuring your home is protected while you are on vacation is paramount. This way, you will minimise the chances of break-ins and ensure your valuables won’t be stolen. Follow the tips mentioned in this article to enjoy your vacation without stressing about your home’s safety.

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